Strategic Plan

Implementation Dashboard

1. SuccessUVA 2.0 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Improve academic and career advising E Short/mid
2. Increase access through financial aid I Cont.
3. Attract and support first generation students I Cont.
4. Attract and support UR students I Cont.
5. Build a new Health and Wellness Center I Short
6. Build a new Contemplative Commons I Short
7. Build a new Athletics Complex (football & Olympic sports buildings)
A. Phase III (Football Operations Building & McCue Renovation E Short
B. Phase IV (Olympic Sports Building) E Mid
C. Phase I (Practice fields, Welsh renovation, etc.) C Short
D. Phase II (schematic design for full build out) C Short
8. Create an expanded Multicultural Center C Short
2. Citizen Leaders for the 21st Century 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Establish residential community system / house all 2nd yrs E Long
2. Establish residential community system/develop programming for 3rd/4th yrs) E Mid
3. Create new programming for students interested in public service E Mid
4. Evaluate options for loan forgiveness for undergrads who enter public service E Short
5. Launch ‘Discover the World’ program (global experiences for undergrads) E/I Cont.
3. Third Century Faculty Initiative 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Provide latest pedagogical tools and support to faculty E/I Cont.
2. Increase recruitment of talented and diverse doctoral and post-doctoral students E/I Cont.
3. Expand PhD-Plus to include post-doctoral students E/I Short
4. Create new cluster and TOPs hires I Short
5. Expand Bicentennial professorships Phase 1: C
Phase 2: I
4. The Path to Research Preeminence 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Launch the Precision Medicine Challenge E Short/Mid
2. Launch the Digital Technology & Society Challenge E Short/Mid
3. Launch the Environmental Resilience & Sustainability Challenge E/I Short
4. Launch the Brain/Neuroscience Challenge E/I Short
5. Create the Catalyst Funds E/I Cont.
6. Launch the Democracy Challenge E/I Short
7. Substantially upgrade Alderman Library I Short
8. Make strategic investments in research infrastructure I Cont.
5. Cultivating Staff Success 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Recruit and retain a diverse workforce E/I Cont.
2. Create an inclusive and supportive work environment E/I Cont.
3. Enhance career development for UVA staff E/I Cont.
6. Good Neighbor Program 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Contribute to Affordable Housing E Cont.
2. Expand local educational (K12) opportunities E Short
3. Explore parking and transportation solutions E Cont.
4. Expand local access to health care E/I Cont.
5. Set ambitious sustainability goals & develop a realistic plan to meet them E/I Cont.
6. Provide a living wage to all employees I/C Short
7. Create Center for Equity C Short
8. Create a new community engagement office C Short
7. Bachelor's Completion and Certificate Programs 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Grow impact and scale of SCPS’s bachelor completion programs E/I Cont.
2. Assist creation of new certificate programs and create portal I Short
8. Open Grounds at Emmet-Ivy 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Create a Creativity Nexus (may incl. a performing arts center) E Long
2. Create interdisciplinary research space E Mid/Long
3. Create a Democracy Nexus (anchored by the new Institute of Democracy) I Mid
4. Create a Discovery Nexus (anchored by new School of Data Science) I Short
5. Build a new hotel and conference center I Short
9. School for Data Science 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Establish a new School for Data Science I Short
10. Broaden Our Horizons 2021 Stage Time Period
1. Plan For and launch Grounds at INOVA E Mid
2. Plan for and launch new programs in Rosslyn I Short