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Honor the Future: The Campaign for the University of Virginia

To begin our work, we are developing a detailed implementation plan that outlines the sequencing and financing of each of the identified initiatives. We will treat each action as a hypothesis to be tested. As such, we will reserve the option to modify or pivot initiatives as we learn more or environmental conditions change. The staging of initiatives is critical. Some will be implemented immediately, including taking the steps to open the School of Data Science, paying our employees a living wage, launching the Catalyst Fund, and building both the Student Health and Wellness Center and a hotel and conference center. For other key initiatives, such as establishing a four year residential community system and fully scaling the Bachelor’s Completion program, we will plan for a longer time horizon. Financing options include general operating funds, debt, the Strategic Investment Fund, and philanthropy through our capital campaign, which launches in October 2019.

For each high-level goal, we will identify specific metrics that we will track as we pursue our strategy. For some metrics, we will include specific goals that we aim to achieve by 2030. To support this work, we will invest in our data and analytics capabilities. We will review and, as necessary, refresh University policies and systems—including our internal financial model—to effectively manage our resources and to create transparent and powerful incentives for each internal unit to do its best work.

In implementing and evaluating this plan, we will need to be both disciplined and humble: disciplined in the sense that we measure our desired outcomes, reflect on whether our actions are driving us to those outcomes, and if not, have the fortitude to change course; humble in the sense that this is a journey. All of our actions should be directed toward the ultimate purpose of serving the public through teaching, research, patient care, and partnerships. If we stay focused on that goal, we believe the rest will follow.

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