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The 2030 Plan

Honor the Future: The Campaign for the University of Virginia

In January of 1819, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s General Assembly chartered what would become the University of Virginia. For two hundred years, the University has served Virginia, the nation, and the world by educating responsible citizen-leaders; advancing, preserving, and disseminating knowledge; and providing world-class patient care. These responsibilities are enduring and will continue to inspire our efforts.

Building on this history, this strategic plan provides a roadmap for the future of UVA as it enters its third century. The plan was developed through an inclusive process, led by a steering committee, that reflected input from across the wider University community. The plan begins with our mission and values, which were formally adopted in their current articulation in 2013. It moves on to a vision statement, a set of goals, and a smaller set of key initiatives. Lastly, it describes the work to be done as we move from planning to execution.

The connection among these pieces is straightforward. Our aim is to be the best public university in 2030, and one of the very best in the world, whether public or private. We believe that the way to achieve this goal is by being both great and good, as described in the vision statement. The goals described in this document constitute our concrete definition of what we mean by a great and good university. The initiatives represent some of the efforts we will make to achieve our goals.

The last point is critical to keep in mind: The initiatives do not represent the sum total of all we are or will be doing to achieve the goals. There are numerous activities, programs, efforts, and initiatives already underway across the Grounds and within schools and departments that are relevant to the goals. The key initiatives are limited to new, major efforts by the University. In order for this strategic plan to guide our actions, initiatives must be limited to a number that can be plausibly funded and implemented over the next eight to ten years.

Our schools will pursue their own individual plans. These plans will be consistent with our overall goals, but they will build on the unique strengths and advance the distinctive missions of the schools.

Similarly, our University Health System is critical to the University and its mission. As an integral part of the University, many of the goals that follow apply to the Health System, just as they apply to all of the schools, including recruiting and supporting outstanding students, faculty, and staff; enabling path-breaking research that improves lives; creating an inclusive community of trust; and being a strong partner and a good neighbor to Charlottesville. At the same time, the Health System is sufficiently large and complex that it will develop its own strategic plan that will build on these goals and include others necessary for its success.

The College at Wise is also critical to our ability to serve the Commonwealth broadly. It, too, has unique opportunities and challenges. We will work with the leaders at Wise to develop a strategic plan that defines the mission and role of Wise within the broader University and the Commonwealth's higher education system. We will then team with the leadership of Wise and the Health System to help them both achieve their respective missions and implement their strategic plans, consistent with the overall goals of the University's strategic plan.

All of which is to say that this document is not meant to be a catalogue of all that we are doing. It is also not meant to be a catalogue of everything important that we are doing. There is great and important work that is not part of a new key initiative but is nonetheless vital to the University and critical to achieving our goals.

With those thoughts in mind, we hope you are excited and inspired by what follows.


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